About the supposed gender pay gap

The Narrative Our society is not nearly as progressive and fair as we imagine. Exhibit A is our continued oppression of women by paying them less. More federal legislation is required to fight this injustice and to permanently sideline the forces waging their deplorable war on women.

The Reality When analyzed properly, there is no pay gap. As the following articles show, the pay gap seized upon by the Administration is computed as the average salary of women divided by the average salary of men. For example, if the average woman’s salary is $40,000 and the average man’s $50,000, then it’s clear women earn only 80% of what men earn.

A closer look at the issue reveals that there are many factors accounting for the difference in average pay which have nothing to do with gender discrimination. Examples include:

  • the level of schooling
  • number of hours worked
  • number of years in a position, and
  • the differences in positions held.

When these are accounted for, the supposed pay gap all but disappears. And, while there are regrettable instances of companies practicing gender pay discrimination, these anecdotal stories do not systemic discrimination make. Refreshingly, media outlets of all political stripes have stepped up to report the facts. The Obama Administrative pays them no mind. The opportunity to fire up a misinformed populace in support of further Federal regulation is just too irresistible. See:

Pay Gap Myths Spread Around Equal Pay Day – CNS News – April 15, 2016

Wage Gap Myth Exposed — By Feminists – Huffington Post – January 23, 2014

The Biggest Myth About the Gender Wage Gap – The Atlantic – May 30, 2013

The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth – CBS MoneyWatch – April 17, 2011

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