About me

TomPortraitCorrected-600-wideTommentary houses the online commentary of me, Everyday American Tom Barrella. Some background: In the 1980s I had the benefit of co-founding and growing a retail automation company that went public and was ultimately bought by a larger competitor.

For the last 17 years I’ve been an educator, finding a home at my alma mater, the highly regarded Syosset High School. Being around sharp teenagers who are eager to learn is an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. At a recent Parent Teacher Conference a parent leaned forward and offered:

All teachers educate. Fewer inform. A rare few influence. You influence.

I truly appreciate the students and parents who take the time to recognize my commitment to education.

I’m establishing an on-line presence because the world has become unhinged. It’s finally become too difficult to resist chiming in. Hysterical partisans and demagogues litter the landscape. When they don’t drown each other out they’re busy confusing, misleading and conflating, by design. It’s a sad state of affairs where an American wanting to become an informed citizen is more likely to become misinformed. 

If there’s something I hope visitors get from their time invested here it’s a rational, unhysterical and broader understanding of the issues of the day.