The Best of the 2016 Presidential Election

November 8, 2016, was to be a history-making election, with Hillary Rodham Clinton smashing through the glass ceiling on her way to the Presidency. But, it was not to be. Despite the wall-to-wall media narrative that Mrs. Clinton’s triumph was all but inevitable, tens of millions of regular people thought otherwise.

trump-obama-666x405When it was all said and done, Mr. Trump won 30 of the 50 states, 24 of which by over 50%. And, while proponents of Mrs. Clinton will point out that she won the popular vote, that it is very much irrelevant. The competition which both candidates worked very hard to win, was for electoral votes. Without further delay, the tragicomedy that is the best of the election and its aftermath:

1. Best video composition: The unbearable burden of smugness.

2. Best rant: Jonathan Pie.

3. Best meltdown: Rachel Maddow. Could it be anyone else?

4. Best joke: “James Comey decided against indicting Hillary while browsing her leaked emails and coming across his suicide note.”

5. Best single insight: Salena Zito, writing for Atlantic: Taking Trump Seriously, Not Literally.

6. Most over-the-top response to Trump’s win: Van Jones, CNN.

7. Most gracious post-election assessment of Trump : Van Jones, CNN.

8. Saddest sound of silence: The Hillary victory party. If a snowflake melts, does it make a sound?

9. Best advance April Fools joke: New York Times’ pledge to report honestly.

10. Most desperate act by a candidate: Hillary Clinton recruiting Beyoncé, Jay-Z-, Katy Perry, and Bruce, thinking people would vote for her because entertainers told them they should.

11. Best written explanation of the outcome: Mike Huckabee’s Congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump.

12. Saddest response to the voters’ unwillingness to conform: Rioters in Portland destroying property.

13. Best refusal to follow the narrative: Muslim, Immigrant Woman: I Voted for Trump.

14. Most desperate act to keep the narrative intact: Inventing a hate crime.

15. Greatest irony: Trump and his followers being warned against rejecting the election outcome, but Hillary’s followers being unwilling to accept it, as told with passion and flair by Paul Joseph Watson.

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